About Amy

Everyone who has the support and the will can work around limits imposed on her by finding her special gift to offer the world. My gift is styling. Or, as I think of it: Introducing my clients to their confidence.

As an independent, personal stylist, my mission is to empower my clients to be the best versions of themselves. I succeed in my mission every day.
My clients know that outward appearance is an essential element – extension, even – of the whole person. Helping my clients become more than they imagined they could become is intensely rewarding. I identify must-have items for any given season and dig deep to help clients discover and refine their personal, unique style.
I can do the same for you.


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I’m an unapologetic Francophile

I was raised with a strong sense of my French origins (on my dad’s side) and have a lifelong obsession with all things French: the beauty of the language, the understated complexities of the cuisine, the varied architecture, the works of art and film, the serenity of the countryside, the undeniable chic of the major cities, the charm of the towns, and of course, the style with which Frenchmen and Frenchwomen express themselves. I can no longer count the times I’ve been to France.

Vogue is
my bible

I met my first Vogue magazine in middle school. Enthralled, I asked for a subscription for my birthday, and the wish was granted. I upped my game to French Vogue by saving my paper route money for the subscription, and I am a proud subscriber to both periodicals to this day.

Science of adornment is my expertise

I embarked on a twenty-plus-year design journey that afforded me the privilege of traveling the world and working with dynamic people all over the globe. I worked for iconic brands, such as Victoria’s Secret, Abercrombie & Fitch, Ralph Lauren, and Lands’ End.

Bring in the JOY! Fall 2019

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  • Identifying critical pieces you’re missing
  • Building TEN key outfits
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