Ready to discover confidence?

When your style effectively communicates who you are and how you want to be perceived, the effect is dramatic, the impact is immediate, and the results for your well-being are long-term. Let me take you there.

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Over 20 years of experience

Style is how we communicate to the world without saying a word

I’m a personal stylist with 20+ years of experience in fashion and helping my clients refine their appearance to suit their personality, ensuring they look and feel confident every day



Why Work With A Stylist?

Much like having a personal trainer, life coach, or nutritionist, having a dedicated stylist is an investment in the best version of yourself. Stylists provide the finishing touch.

What Are The Intrinsic Rewards For Me?

My clients report having more time, more confidence, and more fun as a direct result of contracting my services. Working with me will help you let go of anxieties about the way you dress and embark on new beginnings with renewed confidence, positivity, and a fresh outlook.

Aren’t Stylists For Celebrities?

Stylists are for people who seek guidance in being honest about their wardrobe. 
My clients are extraordinarily ordinary everyday men and women of all shapes, sizes, and occupations whose lives have been made easier now that they know what to wear.
My clients are ready to move forward. Ready to be present.
I provide an expert, gentle, yet firm “push” to take them to the next level.   

Sounds Like A Huge Time Commitment

Not at all! Text, call, or email me to set up a free consultation and let me get to work on your wardrobe while you take care of your other priorities. A typical consultation lasts twenty minutes. You decide how much time you personally want to put into upgrading your life through working with me, and we work together to turn the vision into reality.



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Bring in the JOY! Fall 2019

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Introductory Package Includes:

  • Defining your style
  • Organizing your closet
  • Identifying critical pieces you’re missing
  • Building TEN key outfits
$ 250
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